Friday, July 6, 2012

Primary/Elementary Poetry and ICT = Creativity and Collaboration

Try using this poem in class. First as a paired discussion activity then moving on to creating an illustrated video with children reading the poem. See ideas at the bottom.

Miss Lotte

That Miss Lotte who was nuts;
I mean completely round the bend.
She’d wear socks on her hands
And wave them at her friends.
She’d put her dress on backwards
And odd shoes on each foot.
It was definitely more than loose,
A screw was missing from her nut.

That Miss Lotte who was loopy;
I mean completely round the twist.
She said she new double dutch
And could converse with the fish.
She ate her dinner in the bath
And drank the water from the loo.
While all around her said, she was
Completely crackers and cuckoo.

That Miss Lotte who was balmy;
I mean gaga, crazy and mad.
Told the children they could riot
In the lessons that they had.
Said they should dance on the table,
Shout out and have a laugh.
But they stood open mouthed and knowing
She was noodle brained and daft.

That Miss Lotte who is bog-eyed
Is jam-headed and mungo-jerried,
Over the rainbow, out of her mind,
Tap-doo-lally and wholly wellied.
She is actually very kind.
Although not her only feature:
That Miss Lotte who is bananas,
Is the world’s greatest teacher.

Ideas for Teaching 
  1. Identify the words that rhyme. use them to look at phonemes with the same sounds but different spellings e.g. foot and nut
  2. Draw a picture for each verse (have children work in pairs or threes to do this.)
  3. ICT Idea - Have the children illustrate parts of the poem using a simple art program. Something as easy as Paint will do this. (Tip - get the children to draw with a thick paint brush and block colour the picture for a comic strip effect) I like which is a photo editor.
  4. ICT idea 2 - Let the children record themselves reading/speaking the poem (use simple sound recorder on PC or audioboo or something similar)
  5. ICT idea 3 - combine the above ideas - use Windows Movie-Maker or another free alternative. My choice would be Videopad . Please not that with Video pad - you install it first and then uninstall it to revert from pro to the free version. (Further alternatives here.) Add the sound recording of the reading and the pictures that illustrate the poem. Give it a title and credits and publish to the web.
  6.  Make a list of the words for mad/crazy from the poem.
  7. Make up your own words for crazy. Try finishing these phrases. (if you get stuck add food types in the spaces)
  • Mad as a ...
  • ... - headed
  • ... - brained 
      8.  Write their own own crazy teacher/child poem using the following structure

           Write two lines using made up words for crazy (two made up words per line for the better students)
          Write four lines of crazy things they do
          Write two lines using made up words for crazy