Sunday, October 9, 2011

Make Websites with Children Easily

Website making is easy with Weebly. Sign up for a free account and make your free website. You can add up to 40 children's websites controlled through your own account. Add multiples of children by creating an excel spreadsheet but save as a .csv file. This is a comma separated values document which uploads lists of information easily.

To make the website just drag boxes onto the page. To create two columns, just drag the two columns onto the page. Two create a four column page, split each of the first two columns by dragging another two columns box onto each one.

Drag the type of content that you want in each box. For example drag a picture icon into a box where you may want a picture. Or drag a simple title and text into another box.

Once the page is set-up the way you want it, then add your content.

Click here to see the fledgling site I have started this October 2011.

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