Friday, May 31, 2013

Educational Blog Recommendation

Blogs are hard to keep up to date with. Here are my recommendations of educational blogs worth reading.


Edutopia has a lot in it. It is a huge site with article after article of the quality that you would normally find on a pay site. But this is the George Lucas Foundation education site and his philanthropic gesture (alongside Bill Gates and others) is essential in the current climate of education reform both in the UK and the USA. Education is currently stuck in a rut focused quintessentially on standards, measuring children against these standards and then beating them into submission with the results. Anybody, with even a smidgen of an academic brain about them, knows that the education system must change in order to prepare our children for the future. Edutopia is out there spreading the word. Quality reading around the right ideas. 

Some good articles worth checking out: - Summer reading - Technology in Schools terminology. - Schools that work

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