Friday, November 1, 2013

Tweetdeck - As esssential as Twitter

Educational Tool Recommendation

If you use and recognise Twitter as an essential tool for Education: used for keeping up-to-date on the latest educational thoughts and developments; communicating with a network of people for answers to educational conundrums, then Tweetdeck must be also considered as an essential.

You create an account then sign into it with your twitter and Facebook accounts. Where as I don't use it with a Facebook account, it allows me to sign in with my personal twitter account (used for following the football and comedy etc) and also sign in with my educational twitter account. The account I dedicate to all things teaching. This is the account I spend the majority of my working weeks using. but with both accounts attached I can switch between the two at will to browse or to tweet and keep both audiences separate.

Tweetdeck can:

  • send tweets from either account
  • filter to multiple streams, searches and hashtags
  • schedule tweets
  • be accessed via a chrome add-on
  • be downloaded to the desktop
These functions make it as valuable an add on as twitter itself. Don't open twitter, open Tweetdeck.

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