Friday, November 22, 2013

Educational Book Recommendation

Despite the advent of the kindle and e-books, educational books are still best bought in paper. Here is my recommendation to support your own research and development. 

Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today

"...Education is the platform for our success or failure, but is our system still fit for purpose? Will our children be equipped to face the challenges the future holds: the rapidly changing employment patterns and the global environmental, economic and social crises ahead of us? Or will our children grow up to resent their school years and blame them for their unfulfilled potential and achievement?

Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today explores these questions in the context of early schooling and primary education, presents powerful arguments for change and highlights strategies that offer a solution...." from the Bloomsbury website

Richard Gerver sets out how the school that he led developed their own curriculum. The curriculum he sets out seems to be both inspirational  and then very real and within reach at the same time. Key  Skills sit along side innovation and enjoyment. This is a model of the true creative curriculum.

This book is immensely enjoyable and very easy to read. Whether you are leading a school and want to see flashes of inspiration or are looking to redevelop your curriculum to take in the broader range of disciplines, you will definitely get something out of reading this book. It should be on every teacher's bookshelf.

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